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Often what makes a floor plan successful, especially in large open spaces, is to make multiple seating areas and allow the conversational circles to merge and regroup.  I always look for seating that can swivel and roll. I use upholstered ottomans on wheels. These ottomans offer an informal perch that can easily move and be housed under a coffee or sofa table when not needed. A furniture floor plan that offers "fluidity" is successful, it's grown up, yet the flexibility makes it youthful. It allows for intimacy when there are just a few and can provide more space when you have a crowd!

I'm very pleased with The Charles Stewart line. Excellent quality, many frames to choose from, easy to customize, mid range pricing, to the trade, only.
Another quality line is Edward Ferrell from EF+LM.  Call me with your wish list!

Breckenridge Sofa

Bromley Sofa

Southington Sofa

Copper Lounge

Straton Chair

Cloudmont Side Diner

Jackson Chaise

Snowmass Bench

Cataloochee Ottoman