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The Bungalow 5 collections are designed and produced by a group of architects and designers who are based in New York City but who work on projects throughout the world.   Working with in-house cabinetmakers and finishers, the Bungalow 5 team produces unique and stylish pieces often using unusual materials sourced from distant places.

St. Frank provides a unique option in home décor for the chic and cultivated collector. We source and sell beautiful textiles created by artisans around the world. Our handmade products embody the authentic cultural heritage of the communities from which they originate. Each work is carefully finished and packaged to ensure quality and authenticity.

Voutsa is a New York-based lifestyle and interiors brand that specializes in signature hand-illustrated and digitally reworked wallpapers, custom murals, and wall installations designed for whimsical and modern living. Voutsa’s Spring 2014 collection Flora, Fauna and the Inbetween is now available for purchase to ship directly to your home. Please be patient while we are updating the shop with new objet and wearables.

Corbett Wright was born out of designer Nancy Corbett's desire to have furniture that is scaled to an urban environment, versatile, and able to accommodate today's technology without sacrificing luxury.  Her pieces are designed to solve a problem - that of staying organized and inspired at the same time.  Having lived in Manhattan, Connecticut, and Paris, she seeks the practical chic in home furnishings.