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NYC, California & Connecticut!  

Our client wanted her home to be more youthful, more hip.  Margot was now sharing her apartment with her second husband, a younger man!  The apartment is a very traditional "envelope" and most of her cherished pieces were Connecticut Country antiques.  Our goal was to shake it up, change the mood to California Dreamin', blending Formal Country with ripe colors and contemporary style. 

Several of Margot's relatives were established American Artists.  Their works created a painterly ambience.   Contemporary paintings that also exuded a painterly quality continued the theme and created contrast.  New paintings by Susan English.  

West 72nd

Patti's skills with color, pattern, furniture placement and lighting are spot-on. But beyond the expected, working with Patti has been an education in the art of living. She considers the practical side of life. She understands life with children. She knows that in a New York City apartment there is never enough space, never enough light, and never anyone who can hang a picture when and where you need it. She knows whats worth a splurge and what can be done on a shoe-string. She is creative and witty and always, always a pleasure to work with


West 86th

The challenge was to contain the office to provide a residential yet professional look for a psychotherapist on the Upper West Side.  We custom designed this wall unit with Manhattan Cabinetry to hold client files, provide desk space and shelf space for books and  some pieces of contemporary glass.  The room has southern exposure and is flooded with natural light, we let go of the black leather, lightening and softening the color scheme to create a more relaxed feeling. 



Short Hills

When we met seven years ago our house was empty. We had just finished renovating our kitchen and upstairs bath with another designer and knew we wanted to furnish our home with someone else.

It has been a pleasure working with Patti. She has taken the time to get to know us, how we live, the differences between my taste and my husband's taste, and what works with our kids. She lives in the real world, she understands what is worth spending money on, not everything has to be outrageously expensive. Patti wants our home to be beautiful as well as functional. She believes our home should be personal, a reflection of our taste, and hers!

We have just completed renovating our attic space into 920 sq. feet of living space which includes a game room, home office, guest room and bath. Patti has helped us articulate our vision to our architect, and our lighting designer. Patti is the whole package as a designer, creative, visual, and professional. Its a pleasure to have her in your home. She is easy to be with and approachable in a profession where many of her colleagues are not.


West 94th

I have worked with Ken and Marilyn for more than 10 years.  We have done three cycles or layers, each time with an emphasis on different rooms.  They have wonderful artwork to play with, we have hung and re-hung the art, giving the apartment a fresh look each time.  We upgraded the living room, and kitchen twice, we renovated both bathrooms completely which created a dramatic change from the original black and white  subway tile.   Most recently we redecorated their bedroom.  Ken and Marilyn are cyclists, hikers, naturalists, and  gardeners, I wanted their bedroom to reflect their love of nature, so we used earthy florals in the custom designed Tibetan rug and fronds and floral in the fabrics.  The signature dresser, hand hewn in natural Tulip wood by Peter Murkett, of New England Modern,  glows.  Here are photos taken in 1998 and again in 2008.  Although their home does not get good natural light, you would never know, their entire apartment is warm and bright.  This is a perfect example of a job evolving over time!