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Make your Bed  Custom bedspreads and headboards for home & hospitality.

The elements for an inviting bedroom are here, you can personalize them, with fabric choices, colors, and details.  Start with a tailored bedspread that is textured, cotton, and available in a variety of colors.  Add an upholstered headboard, with fun details, nailheads, piping or contrasting fabrics.  And then order the perfect reading chair!  All very easy with our simple order forms. Hospitality pricing available. 


Custom Bedspreads 

Simple, custom sized bedspreads are the most space saving invention for the bedroom.  They are all but extinct in the mass market.  Manufacturers stopped making them because of all the variables: depth of mattress, depth of box springs, side rails, footboards, etc.  We have found the finest cotton fabrics at extra wide widths (102" to 110”) and have come up with a simple process to measure and order custom sized bedspreads.  Our favorite cotton fabrics have a matte finish and cozy textures.


 Oder form

Custom Bedspreads - Product Info

Custom Bedspreads - FYI


Coordinating accessories available. Email for more information.


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Upholstered Headboard

An upholstered headboard makes a statement, adds softness to the room, but doesn’t take up much space! Who really has room for a footboard? Adding upholstery to the bedroom makes it more like a living room and in tight quarters every room should feel like a living room! This tailored headboard from Edward Ferrell is a perfect complement to our spreads. (Nailheads are optional.) Use any upholstery weight fabric. We suggest fabrics from Maine Cottage, online at Aside from your fabric, a queen sized headboard, as shown with two lines of nailheads is $3,540 – for a simpler look, no nailheads, $2,500. Shipping is approximately 10% of cost.


For more information email us at


Slipcovers for Upholstered Headboards

A great way to change the look of your bedroom without much effort or cost is to pop a slipcover over your headboard and “refresh”.   Our beautifully tailored slipcovers will create a seasonal change, linen for summer, velvet for winter, a color change, or pick a patterned fabric, COM, for a style change.  The upholstered headboard shown is the shape of our slipcovers.  If you currently have an upholstered headboard frame in a simple shape and want to order a slipcover, inquire via e-mail with dimensions and photos.   We have linens and cotton velvets in a variety of colors, and you can also do COM. 


A solid linen slipcover for our queen sized headboard is about $550.

For more information e-mail us at

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Ginny Tight Back Lounge by Edward Farrell

This small-scale chair is lovely in a living room or a bedroom.  The waterfall skirt lengthens its lines.  It can be ordered with a swivel, which offers flexibility.  A swivel provides “floor plan fluidity”! It can also be ordered with a coordinating ottoman.


 Oder form

Fabric COM (Customer’s Own Material) Form

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All good products are born out of frustration!  You know what you want, the logic of your request is sound, you start looking, and it’s not there! 

Plaintively you ask, “How hard could it be?”  And, you’re hooked!

Or, at least I was.  And so began my search for high quality, tailored, affordable, washable, bedspreads, in happy colors and soothing neutrals for sophisticated bedrooms both large and small.


Why search for the perfect custom-sized bedspread?   Bedspreads are efficient! One cover for the mattress, pillows, box springs, and hardware.  And a bedspread completely hides your wrinkled sheets and pillowcases!  It’s cost effective in the long run because there’s no need for all the additional pieces, bedskirts, shams, and boudoir pillows.  And a gracious bedspread to the floor adds storage, by hiding whatever you need to store under your bed!  And most of us do need more storage!  

Also, being able to wash your cotton bedspread at home makes so much sense and it’s cost effective. And then so lovely to touch, smell, lie down on and use as a cozy cover. 

So why are custom bedspreads so hard to find?  Several reasons: to keep seams on a large bed to a minimum, extra wide fabrics are needed and only workrooms with wide cutting tables can handle them.  To give you the lovely textures, and maintain the shape, even after washing, high quality, wide width cottons are needed.  These densely woven cotton fabrics are generally produced in Europe or by European mills. 

But don’t despair!  I’ve tracked down suppliers and workrooms and have come  up with a simple order form making it easy to measure and order a custom spread.  If you have questions about the best way to fit your bed, take a picture and e-mail us!

Enough moonlighting in the bedroom!  I must get back to my day job, designing and decorating for clients at Patricia O’Shaughnessy Design!  Because I’ve worked with many NYC apartment dwellers who share the same space challenges, “space, the final frontier”, I’ve compiled more Small Space Solutions for the rest of your home on my primary site

Take a look!  Less can be more!



For more information contact me at Patricia O'Shaughnessey Design,,

p: 914-346-8786, f: 914-346-8785 or by mail: 67 Kensington Road, Bronxville, NY 10708