Winter 2014


Local Art “Happenings” at the OSilas!

Quinns Lancaster
Oil on Canvas 24 x 24 in.
by Jane McNichol

2/12 – Opening,  2/28 – Party & Benefit,

3/26 – Art Talk!

OSilas Gallery is presenting a signature show, selections from BNY Mellon’s corporate collection, “250 Years in the Making”.
Opening night, 2/12!

Thursday, February 12th, at 7:00

Annual Party & Benefit, For the LOVE of Art. 

Join us for an evening celebration of the Gallery and Studio Art Program, 2/28.

For the LOVE of Art, Saturday, February 28th, 5:30-8:00

Party, Auction, Tickets: 914-337-9300 x 2173.

“Collecting, The Business of Art” Panel discussion, 3/26.

Thursday, March 26th at 7:00.

Moderator: Elizabeth von Habsburg, Winston Art Group

Panelists: Brian Lang, Curtor, Corporate Art Collection, BNY Mellon

Jere Doyle, Senior Wealth Strategist, BNY Mellon Wealth Management

Kenise Barnes, Kenise Barnes Fine Art

Patricia O’Shaughnessy, Patricia O’Shaughnessy Design

For all Art Lover’s, join us for an informative discussion designed for gallery hoppers, amateur and serious art collectors.

Art is the evidence of creativity! It comforts, enlivens our homes and is a reminder, a spark, 

to live creatively!

You will find the OSilas Gallery, at Concordia College, 171 White Plains Road, Bronxville, Library building, on the West side of the Quad, 2nd floor.  See you there!


Clean is not a Color

September 21, 1897 New York Sun
Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus. He exists as certainly as love, generosity and devotion exist and you know that they abound and give to your life it’s highest beauty and joy.

This came to me while standing in the living room of my dear friend, Virginia. Virginia was asking for a clean, new look. Working our way through the paint deck looking at all the possible color schemes she continued to ask for clean! But alas, Virginia, “clean” is not a color! I was forced to tease out more. “Clean” like spare, uncluttered, managed, new, neutral, clear, ethereal? Like the kind of “clean” we sense when we walk into an Apple store? “Clean” is the new, ethereal, un-color! The enigmatic neutral of the moment.

So let me share a tiny bit of wisdom. When you are standing in your living room with paint deck in hand creating a new look for 2015, keep in mind that neutrals are calm and soothing, but they can also be flat and lifeless! If you paint everything neutral there’s a good chance your home will look like you are just about to paint!

In order to visualize what’s next, you may want a blank slate. But painting it all out before painting it in, is a lot of work! So play around, sample test!

Color and tone can balance, correct, warm, cool and inspire an interior. If the architecture of a room is overbearing, color can live up to or temper it. Most of us live in interiors that need more architecture, more charm, more detail. Imagine the interior in 2-D first, as if you were going to, literally, paint a picture of the interior as an oil painting. Where does the room need highlights, drama, where does it need shadows? What do you want to amplify and what do you want to reduce? Why use one trim when two will increase depth, interest and vary the palette?

In this new vernacular of neutrals, form is essential. Strong sculptural shapes show better. And since the color shift is minimal the emphasis has shifted to texture or in the case of paint, finish or sheen. Pattern and color are less prominent and by reducing these elements we can see and play with the effects of gloss against matte.

There is a lot of emphasis on ceilings these days, look up and you will see cool colors and high gloss. Why? Because ethereal is definitely “in”! “Yes, Virginia, he lives and lives forever!” You can have a fresh, clean look with stylish magic in 2015, but you have to believe!

Susan English
The middle is everywhere and everything 
77″ x 20″, Polymer on Panel
Littlejohn Contemporary Art, Inc. 547 West 27th St.

Congratulations to Susan English on her new association with Littlejohn Contemporary Gallery in Chelsea.  Susan is a fine, Fine Artist.  Many of you know her as the principal Decorative Painter, of English and Harms.  Susan has an amazing eye for artful interiors and has been a great asset to me and my clients.  Thank you, Susan. For more “ethereal” inspiration, see Susan’s work on the gallery website link above.  


Happy St. Patti’s Day    March 2014

March Highlights
  • New PattiO’Furniture on Resale Treasures and Treasures from the Trade with much more to come, soon!  Visit Shop
  • Join me on my tour of the Old Lyme Art Colony, sponsored by the OSilas Gallery at Concordia College, April 3rd (Details Below)

Featured in a local publication
written by Patricia O’Shaughnessy

A Shiny New Trend… Metallics

Metallics have been on the fashion runways for a number of years, ubiquitous in both day and evening attire.  And now this glittery trend has spread to the world of interiors.

Fabrics, wallpapers and even carpets are now using metallic materials to give bounce and shine to embroidery, patterns and surfaces that are usually thought of as matte.

Window treatments can now be found with metallic threads dancing through, be they sheers, draperies or even solar shades. Light will be intensified as it shines through so think through how much reflection you want.  Metallics on a South facing window might be blinding but it might be just what you need to softly amplify daylight for northern light.

We’ve just seen two trends collide in wallpapers by Thibault.  Ceriman on Raffia is a large scale, all over, leafy pattern, printed in gold metallic on Grasscloth. Grasscloth is really back in vogue (think retro, think Madmen) and provides a variety of organic textures as background for printed patterns.  Patterns can be printed in colors and now we are seeing printed metallics.  When printed on grasscloth metallics provide a good juxtaposition, organic feel, metallic glam.

Metallic threads add glimmer, highlighting or outlining a pattern without adding much color.  Depending on how the light plays on the surface of the carpet, the pattern will shine.  A subtle way to brighten a room!

Check out these metallic fabrics, wallpapers, and carpets at


Travel with OSilas Gallery of Concordia College and Interior Designer, Patricia O’Shaughnessy to Old Lyme, CT to experience this renowned artist colony “past and present”. Enjoy a curated tour of the Florence Griswold Museum, known as the home of American Impressionism. Lunch and a walking tour of local galleries and the Lyme Art Association also included.
Cost: $125.
Date: Thursday, April 3, 2014

Time: 8:00 AM until 6:00 PM


To make a reservation, please call 914-337-9300 x2173 or click here .

Patricia O’Shaughnessy Design | 914.346.8786 | |
67 Kensington Road, Bronxville, NY 10708
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It is Time…continued

It’s an artist’s dream to start with a blank canvas!  All this white snow is just what we need to cleanse and then, refresh.  Imagine new color schemes to enliven your environment!  Take a look at our latest service and ask yourself, Is it Time?  

Maybe it’s time to try out some new furniture and accessories?  One of my favorite haunts, Antiques Ltd. in Stonington Ct. is having a huge sale. It’s worth the trip “Out East” or take a virtual trip.  Their website is, Move things around, try new compositions. Your possessions will look less possessed and new again! 

Is the next project beyond your scope? Contractor Steve Kohloff just sent word, he’s got time!  Steve is local, fully licensed and insured. 914-954-7482
Patti O


It Is Time

Under a blanket of snow or just under the blankets, now is a good time to dream about adding color to your life!
Our newest service, an In-Home Color Consultation, provides choices and chips to make your dreams come true!

Kenise Barnes Fine Art 
Larchmont, New York

Anne Mourier
 It Is Time (Winter)
edition of 2/10
 giclée fine art print on archival paper
17 x 23 inches
Home Color Consultation

Are you painting this season? An in home color consultation will provide you with a cohesive color scheme for the interior or the exterior of your home. This service starts with a phone interview about your goals. We work with Farrow & Ball, Pratt & Lambert and Benjamin Moore and bring large color chips to the home appointment.  To achieve the mood desired, we assess many elements, the architecture, furnishings, lighting and fresh color palettes. Colors, color combinations, trim colors and finishes recommended.

Basic Color Consultation, 1 meeting to determine colors and trims for paint testing. Up to 4 rooms, in 2 hours, Fee: $300.00.

Complete Consultation, 2 meetings, the second meeting includes testing colors and follow up with a paint schedule for your painting contractor. Fee: $500.00.

Travel time may apply.

If further consultations are required beyond the Complete Consultation package, time billed at the hourly rate of $150.00. Purchase and delivery of paint can be arranged.

All PattiOhome Services 


Ways to Warm Your Home for Winter


With the cold comes short days and darkness here in the Northeast!  As the outdoors become more monochromatic, add color, pattern and texture to your interiors to compensate.    

This is the time to warm and brighten your interiors.  Add warming and bright colors and analyze your lighting.  What is needed to add and enhance?  Add layers, texture, to the fabrics within each room, just like  when you dress for the cold.  Check your home for energy efficiency.  Start with the portals, take a look at your window treatments, are they keeping the cold out and the warmth in?  What about your doors? Are your hallways acting as wind tunnels?  


Window treatments were first designed to keep drafts out.  Window, drapes and shutters and shades can really help to keep the cold out.  

Drapes that are functional, can cover a drafty window and can be made with a thermal interlining.  You can choose any fabric to face the room, making drapes the most versatile treatment, in terms of decorating. 

Shutters traditionally made of wood cannot compete with the newly fabricated shutters made of a composite material instead of wood.  They are lightweight and are better than wood at blocking out the cold.  Made by Hunter Douglas they are called Hybrid Shutters. 

Shades are the more affordable choice.  Here are some window shades from Hunter Douglas that are really good at insulating.  The Duette Architella, Opaque, Honeycomb shades.  They look like ordinary pleated shades but are designed with an inner lining to insulate.  The Hunter Douglas Block Out shades have a foil lining that insulates as well.  

When selecting the Block Out shades understand they will do what their name implies, they do not let any light penetrate!  

Floors: Rugs make a room cozy especially plush, pile rugs.  Pile throw and area rugs add warmth and can be seasonal because you can pick them up and pack them away in the summer. For a great variety of colorful, affordable wool hooked and pile rugs take a look at Company C, Garnet Hill and Dash and Albert.  If your floors are drafty but you don’t have the budget for plush, pull out the Flor catalog and put down the connecting squares to whatever size you want to create.  This alternative option is affordable and versatile, and at the end of the season you can pick them up and store!  A great product line.   


The wing chair and the upholstered bed were designed, honed, to deal with life in a drafty manor house!  They still work! Take a look at the “over the top” wing chair from Restoration Hardware, the New Versailles Upholstered Chair.  

Upholstered walls or an upholstered headboards is one of the most luxurious ways to warm a bedroom.  Upholstered walls give you the most cush but are usually custom and can be costly but there are many upholstered headboards available by catalog.  Take a look at Serena and Lily and William Sonoma Home.  

Bedding:  Flannel sheets and wool blankets with a Matelasse cotton spread is the Northeast standard!  But if you have any issues with dampness get an electric blanket.  It dries out the bedding and warms the mattress before you even get into your bed.  Down and feather comforters are the most luxurious.  Amazingly light and incredibly warm. Silk comforters are also a wonderful high end solution and great for those who can’t use down.  The Garnet Hill catalog is a great source for Down and Feather comforters and  flannel sheets.  While searching the site take a look at the Eileen Fisher Home for Garnet Hill for has the silk comforters.  

Thinking about specific areas of the home:

Kitchens:   Kitchens can be icy in the winter months.  Look for ways to warm these rooms.  Rugs on the floor, seat cushions on the chairs can help a lot.  A table cloth can warm up the look and feel of a table. To offset the hard elements in kitchens, appliances, countertops, tile, add organic elements, such as a wood dish rack, wooden bowls and utensils. Use warm colors!  Copper pots!  If you are in the market for a non-pile rug, take a look at Flor.   

Home office: It’s not that I spend so much more time at my desk in the winter, but it feels like I do, due to the short days.  Home offices need to be more comfortable in winter.  Better lighting, more comfortable desk chair, music, more visuals around to stimulate and give you a more expansive view on the world!  Plants, how about a beautiful orchid?  It’s an elegant plant that flowers for months at a time. We all cocoon a bit during the winter and providing more sensorial stimulus in the office is a must. 

Hallways:  Hallways can act like wind tunnels, add a rug, consider adding an interior drape to make a door where none exists to stop the drafts.  I often use dramatic, bold color in foyers and hallways to make a first impression, make a statement, create some drama.  It’s easy to do in a hallway since foyers and hallways, are pass through areas, you don’t have to sit with a really strong color.  Track lighting is a very efficient way to  brighten a narrow hallway and can give a boring hallway a gallery like feel.  If your photos, prints or other artwork have a lot of white in them, they can provide dramatic contrast to a bold or dark color on the walls!  The walls end up acting like a border to the artwork.  A clever way to frame the artwork without spending a lot of money!  

The best way to compete with the cold is to get out in it and move!  Enjoy the season!   

Warmest of Wishes, Patti O