Williamsburg Bridge
Oil on Canvas 24 x 24 in.
by Jane McNichol

The Lincolnsburg Bridge?  There are other ways to celebrate!  Join us on Lincoln’s Birthday, 2/12, for the Opening at the OSilas!


OSilas Gallery is presenting a signature show, selections from BNY Mellon’s corporate collection. There will be a brief talk, Corporate Collecting: A Business Case for Art. Opening night, 2/12!  Thursday, February 12th, at 7:00

Annual Party & Benefit, For the LOVE of Art. Join us for an evening celebration of the Gallery and Studio Art Program and an introduction, “250 Years in the Making:  The Collection of BNY Mellon”, 2/28.

For the LOVE of Art, Saturday, February 28th, 5:30-8:00Party, Auction, Tickets: 914-337-9300 x 2173.


“The Business of Art”, Panel discussion, 3/26.

Thursday, March 26th at 7:00.

Moderator: Elizabeth von Habsburg, Winston Art Group

Panelists: Brian Lang, Curtor, Corporate Art Collection, BNY Mellon

Jere Doyle, Senior Wealth Strategist, BNY Mellon Wealth Management

Kenise Barnes, Kenise Barnes Fine Art

Patricia O’Shaughnessy, Patricia O’Shaughnessy Design


For all Art Lover’s, join us for an informative discussion designed for gallery hoppers, amateur and serious art collectors.

Art is the evidence of creativity! It comforts, enlivens our homes and is a reminder, a spark, 

to live creatively!

You will find the OSilas Gallery, at Concordia College, 171 White Plains Road, Bronxville, Library building, on the West side of the Quad, 2nd floor.  See you there!



Snap into Action!  Ways to Spiff Up the Home Office 
Stella Storage Cabinet
Summer is a time to rest and recharge and now it’s time to exploit the inspiration! It’s back to school and back to projects! Time to prep your workspace!

Work stations: 
Our mobile devices may be more mobile than we are! The trend is multiple work stations within a home office, a work station for thinking, one for typing and one for standing and sharing a screen.  An old fashioned art table with an indestructible work surface is best to work out ideas, write long hand, tinker, draw, and play. A desk with a comfortable desk chair that rolls and pivots is a must for typing, and a bar height counter surface or podium for a big monitor or a lap top is handy for sharing the screen and provides mobility while working. A head set and a screen at eye level while standing is a great way to burn calories while working, move!

Think in terms of activities:
Craft table: Call it your studio table, a drop leaf table or a table on wheels offers flexibility, you can push it up against a wall when not in use. Craft Table Link:


Typing: Best ergonomics: 29″ h desk with a rolling desk chair with “cush”. If you have a lap top get a podium to tilt the laptop while typing. I bought a Targus podium coolpad at the Apple store years ago,


Desks: Tables are rapidly replacing desks but enclosed storage is really valuable. Most of us are still a long way away from the paperless office. So look for a desk with drawers and file drawers. A little bulk to a desk helps to hide all those cords; computer, phone, printer, chargers, desk lamp, the list goes on!


Chairs: Find a desk chair that has a seat cushion, or mesh, that rolls, swivels, and for some, armrests are essential. Buy a chair in a color! Almost every desk chair at Staples can be ordered in a color if you are willing to wait a few weeks. Take a look at: Design Within Reach,, Staples, Office Depot. And please, don’t buy black!


Floor: Chilewich rugs, made of Textilene, helps a rolling desk chair, roll and will protect your flooring or rug. Great surface for under the craft table as well, cleans up with a sponge! or Design Within Reach.

Standing: The standing desk or podium is rather a new essential. Take a look at this table from CB2 that offers the right height with some useful storage. High Table Link:

Inspiration: Energize your mind! Hide the cords and clutter! Add color to your work space. Find inspiration! Put up Art, pictures, quotes! Pin them, post them or just hang them up! Here’s a storage cabinet that will help you achieve more than one of the above:

Stella Storage Cabinet Link:


Late Summer Haiku by Patti O
Summer Submarine
  An underwater melon
 wet slices, seeds fly.


Swivel and Roll
Often what makes a floor plan successful, especially in large open spaces, is to make multiple seating areas and allow the conversational circles to merge and regroup.
I always look for seating that can swivel and roll. I use upholstered ottomans on wheels. These ottomans offer an informal perch that can easily move and be housed under a coffee table or a sofa table when not needed.
A furniture floor plan that offers “fluidity” is successful, it’s grown up, yet the flexibility makes it youthful. It allows for intimacy when there are just a few and can provide more space when you have a crowd!
I’m very pleased with the Charles Stewart line of upholstered seating   Call me with your wish list!
Patti O
Early Autumn Haiku by Patti O
Hail! Kale! Emperor
from snail pushcart to parade
royal, humble pie.


I’m hoping this series will inspire and offer us a venue to keep in touch.  Three of my favorites will be speaking this Fall, Bart Bland and Lisa Sorensen. We have been invited to linger to do a little networking after the presentations!
SPEAKER: Bart Bland – Director of Curatorial Affairs at the Hudson River Museum
11AM – 1PM
COST: $45 Includes lunch ($35 gallery members)
RSVP: 914-337-9300 Ext. 2173
SPEAKER: Lisa Sorensen – Owner of Lisa Sorensen Photography
11AM – 1PM
COST: $45 Includes lunch ($35 gallery members)
RSVP: 914-337-9300 Ext. 2173
Visit Lisa Sorensen Photography:


Welcome, Mia Rose

September 12, 2014
7 lbs. 6 oz. and Perfect!
Congratulations!  Stephanie & RJ Richards
  62 Halcyon Terrace, New Rochelle, NY 10801
Yosemite August 2014
by Patti O’Shaughnessy
  How Great Thou Art!


New for Treasures from the Trade

Selected Art by Kenise Barnes Fine Art

Browse the new selection of contemporary art.

Happy Shopping!

ArmstrUntitledA0463_EditionOf17_20_2009_WoodblockPrint38x41SOLD copyArmstrUntitledA0564_2012OilEnamelCanvas42x48ArmstrUntitled#A0517_2011OilEnamelOnCanvas40x52HoeltzSprig2012AcrylicPencilCanvas50x24 HoeltzLily2011GraphiteWithAcrylicTeaOnCanvas50x26HoeltzNecklace2006AcrylicGraphiteCanvas65x25_5CollinPilotJack25_2004DC4_23_04_25MonotypeRicePaper14x34_5CollinUntitled2005DCNYC05_1_2MonotypeOnRicePaper36_25_25


Screen Shot 2013-12-23 at 7.17.17 PMGood Cheer from PattiOhome

Merry, Happy, Holy, Holistic!

One of our favorite accomplishments of 2013 is our on-line shops, Resale Treasures and Treasures from the Trade. Our shops are re-formatted, more user friendly and looking a great deal more “smart”! We hope you’ll have a moment over to look and play around.

Silver Bells……. silver trays, silverware, mirrors, chairs, rugs, it all leads you back home!


Photography: Steven Mays Photography     Tray: The Silk Road     Chain Vases:Spruce Home & Garden



Gracious Gifts for any Host

The effervescent season of bouncing from party to party has begun!
Cheery gatherings, cozy get-togethers and sparkling soirees.
With so many invites comes the eternal question, ”What do I bring?”
YOU ARE IN LUCK!  Here are some clever, accessible gifts.
Whether you run in or call to place an order, most shops will ship, we recommend you keep these gifts at the ready!
Saxon Chocolates: Belgian Dark Drinking Chocolate & Chocolate Enrobed Almonds $16 – $19
Mano a Mano, Bronxville
Mano a Mano      914.793.8329
81 Pondfield Rd., Bronxville, NY 10708
Kate Spade: Idiom Pencils & Bow Push Pins
Mano a Mano, Bronxville
Mano a Mano      914.793.8329
81 Pondfield Rd., Bronxville, NY 10708






 IMG_0123Trader Joe’s: Ultra Moisturizing Hand Cream Collection $8
Olive Oil, Argan Oil & KuKui Nut Oil
Trader Joe’s, Scarsdale
Trader Joe’s    914.472.2988
727 Post Rd., Scarsdale, NY 10583
* TJ’s does not ship
IMG_0122Trader Joe’s: Flavored Olive Oil Collection $10
Basil, Lemon & Hot Pepper
Trader Joe’s, Scarsdale
* TJ’s does not ship








IMG_0119 Trader Joe’s: Yellow & Purple Orchids, Various sizes  $6 – $18
Trader Joe’s, Scarsdale
* TJ’s does not ship
IMG_0125Dominos & Jacks $12 – $19
West Elm, Scarsdale
West Elm       914.725.3861
678 Post Rd., Scarsdale, NY 10709
IMG_0129Gold Sheers & Cheese Knives $14 – $29
West Elm, Scarsdale
Shanna Murray Recipe Pie Dish (Pumpkin) $29
West Elm, Scarsdale
Metallic Silver Lacquer Trays $19 – $44
Mercury Tealight Votives $5 – $8
West Elm, Scarsdale
IMG_0155Cake Kitchen Papers: Pad of 50 Kitchen Notes $12
Spruce Home & Garden, Bronxville
Spruce Home & Garden     914.337.1428
48 Pondfield Rd., Bronxville, NY 10708
IMG_0151Cake Kitchen Papers: “Gold Laurel Wreath” Pad of 50 Placemats $23
Spruce Home & Garden, Bronxville
IMG_0160Lavender Sachets, Various sizes $45 – $65
Spruce Home & Garden, Bronxville
Tortoise Shell Glasses $16
Faux Snake Skin Tray $30
The Silk Road, Bronxville
The Silk Road    914.337.2177
101 Pondfield Rd., Bronxville, NY 10708
South African Handmade Servewear $18 – $45
The Silk Road, Bronxville
Screen Shot 2013-11-11 at 4.39.34 PM
Tunkables: Silverplate Service & Tablewear with Whimsical Words $Varies
The Silk Road, Bronxville
Shiraleah Venezia Double Old-Fashioned Glass, Various Colors $8 ea.
The Silk Road, Bronxville



#WNWN What’s New What’s Next & #DDBfallmarket Decoration and Design Building Fall Market and SOOO Much More!

You can see the highlights of the industry Fall market events, What’s New, What’s Next, hosted by 200 Lex, (9/19) and Market Week at the D&D (10/1 & 10/2).  #WNWN or #DDBfallmarket.  This year #WNWN featured over 30 “blogger ambassadors” and they invited attendees to spread tweets, pins and instagrams of their favorite hot topics! Although there was no formal BLOGGER LOUNGE at the D&D event, attendees were photographing, tweeting and recording; the event rocked the social media outlets.  Pictures speak a thousand words and videos a million, so take a look!

Here’s our take on the two markets.  The ubiquitous new ” look”, is unassuming, undecorated with a core neutral palette.  The decoration is simple, natural elements provide inspiration, and accessories provide pattern, color, interest.  Rooms can easily change seasonally, with splashes of color provided by the accessories.

Hmmm, wouldn’t we all love to have a strong sculptural shape, look great in neutrals and have lots of fabulous silk scarves and leather bags to help us look seasonal and stylish?  It’s the way French way, couture cut, neutral color, great accessories! It’s an excellent strategy in good times and bad, start with a great figure, (good architecture) add a good basic cut (great furnishings), accessorize!  A great look but not inexpensive.

This formula is a reflection of the economy and a reflection of the times. The economy may be slow, but our ability to communicate and share is happening at lightning speed.

Newell Turner, Editor of House Beautiful led a panel at 200 Lex. “We want intense rich colors in our lives but the average client won’t be as bold, trending now is a neutral ground with accessories and accents for color!  Not to say that a daring individual won’t come to you and say ‘You know, Prada Purple I want my bedroom dripping in that color!’”

At the Fall market at the D&D, Crans Baldwin, of Edward Ferrell+Lewis Mittman said, “People want to spend money but not look like it.”  Clearly a response to the last few years.  Those who can afford to decorate don’t want to flaunt it.  They are after a look that transitions and transforms with each season while the neutral foundation remains.

It’s also about starting over, a blank slate!  The “color of the year” unveiled at the new Ben Moore showroom at the D&D, is a very pale, clear, ethereal, blue, Breath of Fresh Air, #806.  They said the new palette is a palette you can live with for a long, long time.

Our read on their new palette; grey is the new beige, blue is the new green and coral is the new pink!  The earth tones seem suddenly heavy and slow.  The clear colors seem lighter, brighter, more capable of change, dexterous, hopeful, of the moment, like our new iphone capabilities!  When translating these trends visually in home design, “The Medium is the Message”, think spare, high tech, with every possible accessory, around the world within reach!

Design and the business of Design is going viral.  It’s a visual industry and therefore perfectly suited to the newest technologies.  It’s empowering because you can contribute.

Our new website, with shops and posts is our way to share with clients and friends what’s happening, locally and in the big picture!  We’re in the market, observing and commenting (what a surprise!).  If you’ve got a question, comment, or picture, send it.  It might just be the subject of our next post.

Coming soon, a new format for Resale Treasures and Treasures from the Trade.

Talk soon (and often),Patti O and Stephanie
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