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-PattiOhome is featured in Eastchester’s HamletHub
-Patti will be co-guiding a tour with the OSilas Gallery, Concordia College of the Old Lyme, CT Artists’ Colony
-New Items on both Resale Treasures and Treasures from the Trade

Featured in Eastchester’s HamletHub
written by Patricia O’Shaughnessy

Metallics Shine like Spring Snow

Snow has been our muse this winter. And a sunny day reminds us that sun on snow can be dazzling!

Metallics provide a similar glitter and as we’ve seen in fashion, metallics are ubiquitous in both day and evening attire. Sparkle has spread to the world of interiors. Fabrics, wallpapers, even carpets are using metallic threads to give a little bounce to embroidery, patterns and surfaces that are usually thought of as matte.

Take a look at these new fabrics and wallpapers, they provide glitter and shine. Some are a little tongue in cheek and others simply drop dead gorgeous. Stark Carpet has given new life to some traditional, well known patterns by weaving metallics in with wool and nylon.

If you have metallic threads dancing through your window treatments be they sheers, draperies or even solar shades the light will be intensified as daylight shines through. So think through how much reflection you want. Metallics on a South facing window might be blinding but it might be just what you need to softly amplify daylight for a North window.

We’ve just seen two trends collide in a wallpaper by Thibault. Ceriman on Raffia is a large scale, all over leafy pattern, printed in gold metallic on Grasscloth. Grasscloth is really back in vogue and provides a variety of organic textures as background for printed patterns. The patterns can be printed in colors or now, in metallics. The metallics when printed on this surface provide a good juxtaposition, organic feel, metallic glam. Another source for metallics on Grasscloth is Phillip Jefferies.

(pls. use the Thibault, Ceriman on Raffia wallpaper visual here.)

Metallics in rugs or carpet is really unexpected and a very new trend. Traditionally rugs were woven with wool or cotton. In the last 20 years, silk has been used, particularly in Tibetan rugs, to give a carpet sheen. Metallic threads add glimmer, highlighting or outlining a pattern without adding much color. Depending how the light plays on the surface of the carpet the pattern will shine. An ordinary trellis pattern now looks like a ladder to “the promised land”! And metallics wear, well, like iron!

If you would like to try a bit of sheen in your home without a big investment check out the Benjamin Moore Studio Finishes. They have a variety of paints and glazes to play with. Check out the options at Kawer’s in Tuckahoe on Columbus Ave.

So when the snow sparkles, imagine how nice it would be to have a little sparkle throughout your house all year long!

To view and purchase the Metallics selected by Patti visit: Metallics

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Travel with OSilas Gallery of Concordia College and Interior Designer, Patricia O’Shaughnessy to Old Lyme, CT to experience this renowned artist colony “past and present”. Enjoy a curated tour of the Florence Griswold Museum, known as the home of American Impressionism. Lunch and a walking tour of local galleries and the Lyme Art Association also included.
Cost: $125.
Date: Thursday, April 3, 2014

Time: 8:00 AM until 6:00 PM

To make a reservation, please call 914-337-9300 x2173 or click here .



New Items to add to your home on
Resale Treasures and Treasures from the Trade!
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It’s Market Week this week in High Point, NC and the Market is open for business, April 5th-12th!

Factory tour,  Edward Ferrel + Lewis Mittman

April 7, 2014

Remember the Scottish town, Brigadoon?  It appeared out of the mist every 100 years, made famous in the 1954 classic movie musical.  High Point, springs to life almost as miraculously but unlike Brigadoon, it springs to life to dramatically connect with the outside world, #hpmkt, definitely NOT the other way around!

This season there are more than 2000 exhibitors, they will have over 70,000 visitors, and many are International buyers.  The market spreads over 11 million sq. ft. of exhibitor space and runs through 180 buildings. can give you the sense of the scope of the market and for a jaw dropping list of back to back events and up to the minute video reports, go to, “The Editor At Large”,  There you will find “The Essential Guide to Spring High Point Market” an exhaustive description of all the educational and social events with pictures of dozens of style mavins, taste makers, and industry leaders.

Last Tuesday, as thousands of cartons were being trucked, lifted and dropped on  respective curbs in sunny, downtown High Point, I had the privilege of a VIP tour of the Edward Ferrel+Lewis Mittman facilities and observed as they prepped for market.  EF+LM is a premium, American, furniture manufacturer.

Crans Baldwin. President of EF+LM is one of the opening speakers and will be speaking about the Interior Design Industry today and will point to, “What’s Next?”, trends, ideas and business opportunities.

The industry is changing so fast and it is so global, yet the hub remains in High Point.  America’s role in design is strong but the production of furnishings is in flux. So much production has gone overseas and now some of it is coming back. It is a fascinating story of global economics.

I had the opportunity to see the market just begin to materialize, you can follow at #hpmkt and

Enjoy, Patti O


Patricia O’Shaughnessy Design featured in Westchester Home Magazine Spring 2014 for Children’s Wallpapers to look for

Patricia O’Shaughnessy Design has been featured in the Spring Edition of Westchester Home Magazine. This article highlights some of our favorite children’s wallpapers this season. Wallpaper is HOT and trending right now. There is no reason for your son’s or daughter’s room to be missing out on this experience.