Summer 2013



posted by Stephanie R. Richards

On a recent excursion to the NYC showrooms I went a little over-board. My mission was to find trim for 3 custom, throw pillows, to take them from casual to “finished”. The result was 57 trim choices, YES 57!  Hunting through showrooms with only one goal to focus on, I was in my glory. My final and now favorite destination was Samuel & Sons. Pushing through after putting in a full day, I knew that this showroom with its myriad of options would provide a reverie. The vast quantity that they complied just engulfed. Leaving my NY-USA mentality at the door, I felt transported to a place where you stop and appreciate the beauty of each unique trim, one at a time.

Many of today’s trims break with tradition.  The recent fascination with mid century modernism maybe has down played the concept of trim.  When you look at what is available today you’ll see many are fun, sporty and contemporary.  Quite a few options are far less expensive than you might think.  With trim almost any neutral fabric can become a fabulous background for a beautifully appointed pillow or piece of upholstery.  Here are some of my favorites!  If a particular trim appeals, let us know, we’ll happily custom order some chic throw pillows for you!


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Fleeting Summer…How to Make it Linger

posted by Stephanie R. Richards


To see the Summer Sky
Is Poetry, though never in a Book it lie -
True Poems flee.       ~Emily Dickinson


The last weekend of summer is upon us but who really wants to see it go?  The weather has been extraordinary, warm and enveloping with cooling breezes. It seemed well crafted, from hydrating rain to the bright night skies, illuminating moons and twinkling stars. It has been simply wonderful.
To savor this feeling and to pay homage to the season it seems appropriate to bring in flecks of the outdoors.  We are inspired as we  look for visuals for a client’s beach home.  The “beach-y”  sun bleached look is the spring board for this blog post, a neutral palette with organic elements, texture, with pops of life, fresh color, living things, flowers, fruit, nature.
Lime washed brick, sisal rugs, reclaimed wood boards, plants in ceramic containers, crisp linen all help to evoke lasting summer. This look is simple, clean and classic.  It can be the neutral foundation for any season.
We are approaching a transitional period, now is the perfect time to let go and embrace this calming style.




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