Snap into Action!  Ways to Spiff Up the Home Office 
Stella Storage Cabinet
Summer is a time to rest and recharge and now it’s time to exploit the inspiration! It’s back to school and back to projects! Time to prep your workspace!

Work stations: 
Our mobile devices may be more mobile than we are! The trend is multiple work stations within a home office, a work station for thinking, one for typing and one for standing and sharing a screen.  An old fashioned art table with an indestructible work surface is best to work out ideas, write long hand, tinker, draw, and play. A desk with a comfortable desk chair that rolls and pivots is a must for typing, and a bar height counter surface or podium for a big monitor or a lap top is handy for sharing the screen and provides mobility while working. A head set and a screen at eye level while standing is a great way to burn calories while working, move!

Think in terms of activities:
Craft table: Call it your studio table, a drop leaf table or a table on wheels offers flexibility, you can push it up against a wall when not in use. Craft Table Link:


Typing: Best ergonomics: 29″ h desk with a rolling desk chair with “cush”. If you have a lap top get a podium to tilt the laptop while typing. I bought a Targus podium coolpad at the Apple store years ago,


Desks: Tables are rapidly replacing desks but enclosed storage is really valuable. Most of us are still a long way away from the paperless office. So look for a desk with drawers and file drawers. A little bulk to a desk helps to hide all those cords; computer, phone, printer, chargers, desk lamp, the list goes on!


Chairs: Find a desk chair that has a seat cushion, or mesh, that rolls, swivels, and for some, armrests are essential. Buy a chair in a color! Almost every desk chair at Staples can be ordered in a color if you are willing to wait a few weeks. Take a look at: Design Within Reach,, Staples, Office Depot. And please, don’t buy black!


Floor: Chilewich rugs, made of Textilene, helps a rolling desk chair, roll and will protect your flooring or rug. Great surface for under the craft table as well, cleans up with a sponge! or Design Within Reach.

Standing: The standing desk or podium is rather a new essential. Take a look at this table from CB2 that offers the right height with some useful storage. High Table Link:

Inspiration: Energize your mind! Hide the cords and clutter! Add color to your work space. Find inspiration! Put up Art, pictures, quotes! Pin them, post them or just hang them up! Here’s a storage cabinet that will help you achieve more than one of the above:

Stella Storage Cabinet Link:


Late Summer Haiku by Patti O
Summer Submarine
  An underwater melon
 wet slices, seeds fly.

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