Swivel and Roll
Often what makes a floor plan successful, especially in large open spaces, is to make multiple seating areas and allow the conversational circles to merge and regroup.
I always look for seating that can swivel and roll. I use upholstered ottomans on wheels. These ottomans offer an informal perch that can easily move and be housed under a coffee table or a sofa table when not needed.
A furniture floor plan that offers “fluidity” is successful, it’s grown up, yet the flexibility makes it youthful. It allows for intimacy when there are just a few and can provide more space when you have a crowd!
I’m very pleased with the Charles Stewart line of upholstered seating   Call me with your wish list!
Patti O
Early Autumn Haiku by Patti O
Hail! Kale! Emperor
from snail pushcart to parade
royal, humble pie.

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